Box to Bashing ACME Condor Pro Part II

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Uploaded on May 14, 2009 by alishanmao

This is a 3 Videos series on ACME Condor Pro 1/10 Scale 4WD Nitro buggy. Part I - taking out of box, Part II - Breaking in the engine and Road Running, Part III - Dirt Track Bashing. I did this video on Condor Pro just to Review this buggy n test it for its durability n performance. I find this to be a real good deal for the money we pay for it. This is one sweet looking buggy with awesome performance both on road and off road. Not to mention 3 gears 2 speed central diff gearbox makes it real fast on both terrains. Comments feedback welcome at <>. Don't forget to check <>, <> , <> , <>, <> and <>. Cheers

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