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Video summary of the ALDE 2009 New Year Seminar:
"History: a cornerstone for 21st century education in Europe"
A tribute to Prof. Bronislaw Geremek

Event date: 06/01/09 14:30 to 18:00
Location: Room JAN 4Q1, European Parliament, Brussels

The 20th century has been one of the most turbulent periods for the European continent. The division of Europe after WW ll led to the development of totally diverging views of our history, with different landmarks, different symbols, different heroes and villains, and different self images. The European Union emerged from the ruins of WWII, but equally the painful division of a continent and its people.

The reunification of Europe should mark the formulation of a new, joint view of European history. Europe urgently needs now more than ever to have a new look at the past as a basis for a common identity of 21st century Europeans.

At the start of the European election year 2009 ALDE will give a major impulse to this exercise, with a seminar on history as a cornerstone for 21st century education in Europe.

This seminar is also aimed at paying tribute to Prof. Bronislaw Geremek, one of the leading intellectuals able to build a new vision of Europe building on the turbulences of the past.

MEP's Concerned:
Bilyana Ilieva Raeva, Ramona Nicole Mănescu and István Szent-Iványi

For more information: Galofre Rosario - Tel: +32 2 284 21 98

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