1985 - Paul McCartney (Piano Video Tutorial)

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This site, is for you, if you are interested in playing your favorite classics tunes on the piano in a very easy and convenient way to learn, predominating the simplicity and the clarity.

It doesn't matter if you are a begginer, averange or professional pianist, or even if you don't play at all, if you can or can't read music. Just follow the steps and the result will amaze you from the very first day!.

With these video tutorials, your songs will sound "exactly as the originals", because you are going to learn the same chord inversions, the music style, details and personal tricks of your favorite artists.

Surprise your family, friends, and audience playing the songs of the pop-rock classic bands you always wanted to learn.

The tutorials will be recorded by request in a very professional way.

Think about what songs you would like to play and I will record a special video for you that will accompany you in the privacy of your home.

More that 20 years of study and experience prove the quality of my work and lessons.

But not only piano, guitar and bass are wellcome too!.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (sometimes also spelled "1985") is a song by Paul McCartney and Wings. Recorded in 1973, this tune is the climactic track of the album Band on the Run. It has been featured on the 2001 documentary DVD Wingspan and Paul McCartney & Wings' 1974 TV special One Hand Clapping. The song has a grandiose ending with a full orchestra and the band. On the album Band on the Run, it suitably ends the album with an excerpt of the opening song. This song is featured on several episodes of Trigger Happy TV.

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