Save a Young Woman's Death by Drowning in Saudi Arabia

By: SAW505

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Uploaded on May 15, 2009 by SAW505

Save a young woman's death by drowning in Saudi Arabia

Rescued by the courage of a young Saudi woman in the death of the investigator in the last moments before the floods and washed Valley indicated the car, the young man appeared in a video clip
The passage in which he portrayed a young amateur in the second decade of life, realize that the car veered off the asphalt road and plunged into a valley along the water Stgmrha going to search for a passenger car windshield was misleading, and began to inspect the front and back doors, and then found the woman resisted and refused to down, Voghebrha withdrawn out of the car, it fell in the course of the valley and saved the audience to throw a rope attached and withdrawn from the valley.
Fjrvat floods and returned to the tree stopped the car and allowed the driver to leave, before returning once again, washing the car to the center of the valley. Delirious and some pictures to save the woman

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