Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Z3000-scan to Symbian Mobilephone


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1.1: Synopsis
SUMLUNG Bluetooth barcode scanner. It saves 30%~50% costs compared

with traditional Bluetooth barcode scanner.
1.2: Specifications
Z3000 (CCD) Wireless Scanner
Voltage & Current: 2 x AA(Recommended 2500mAH NiMH)
Battery Specifications: 32,000+ @(2500mAH NiMH)
Radio: Bluetooth, Class 2, Version 2.0
Radio Range: 10 m;(typical indoor environment 12 m,typical outdoor

environment 18 m)
Light source: 617 nm visible red LED
Optical system: 2,500 pixels CCD
Depth of scan field: 0 – 150 mm (UPC/EAN 100%, PCS=90%)
Scan Angle: 42°
Scan Rate: 125 scans per second
Minimum Bar Width 0.125 mm (5 mil) (0.1 mm actually)(Code 39,

Print Contrast Min. 30% @ UPC/EAN 100%
Decode capability: 1D barcodes
Dimensions: (L)250 × (W)64.4 × (H)65 mm (device only)
Weight: 170 g (device only)

1.3: How to use
How to scan: Turn on——run SumlungScan——Start your Application——

Scan barcodes and it will send data to input focus automatic.

1.4: Advantage
* Cost-effective * Simple operation * Save 30%~50% costs * Wide use

scope * Creative

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