Riding Your Bike Indoors to Stay Fit During the Winter

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Uploaded on May 21, 2009 by RawAndFit

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Interested in staying fit during the winter? Here's my Blackburn Trakstand Fluid Trainer that I picked up on ebay about 2 years go. It's an amazing tool to keep me fit during the winter, and to workout on rainy days. I'm not a fan of riding a road bike on wet roads, so I set it up in my home and ride it HARD!

In this video, I reveal the secret to getting a trainer SUPER CHEAP!

You can see how I set it up, the basics of a bicycle trainer, and what to expect.

The best workout I've found on the bike, while on the stand, is tabata or interval training. You can learn more about interval training for fat loss at my two websites http://www.RawAndFit.com and http://www.Massive-Energy.com

If you're interested in losing fat, getting fit, and living a life FULL of MASSIVE ENERGY, be sure to check those two websites out.

For other fun things to do to stay fit, be sure to check out my Recreational Tree Climbing post at http://www.rawandfit.com/recreational-tree-climbing-part-1/

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