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MORTGAGE LOANS Bad Credit Mortgage If you're a first time home buyer, we offer a variety of loan programs to assist you in making your first time home purchase decision - even with bad credit problems or after bankruptcy. Bad Credit Home Equity Loan Our online application is the fastest and easiest way to apply for a home equity loan. We are dedicated to serving you with competitive rates and outstanding customer service - Regardless of Credit Problems we can get your home equity loan approved! Borrow up to 125% of your homes value and use the loan for any purpose. We offer low fixed interest rates. Bankruptcy or Bad Credit Problems, Ok! Complete our online application.Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance You can refinance your existing home mortgage to lower your interest rate, increase tax advantages, get a lower monthly payment, or simply get cash out for anything you need. Whatever your purpose, we have several mortgage refinance programs designed just for you - even with bad credit problems. Bad Credit 2nd Mort

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