Amazing Child Singers - Video Six (Filipino Special)

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This is the sixth of several videos I'm making with clips, sounds and pictures of some of my favourite youn...
This is the sixth of several videos I'm making with clips, sounds and pictures of some of my favourite young singers. This is also the first one of my "special" ones, which means the singers all have something in common other than a great voice. In this video they all come from the same country, the Philippines. I thought it was a great country to start with, because there are so many talented young singers in or from the Philippines. The clips in this one are: 1. Renzo Almario - Music and Me (age 9). He was only nine years old and probably a little nervous, but he is sooo cute and I think he did a really great job with this song, especially the highest notes. Go Renzo! 2. Banig - Anyday Now (age 10). Oh. My. God. The voice. The way she moves. The emotion. The power. The presence. This girl has it all! She is around 30 years old today, but oh my God, she was fantastic as a kid! Was this girl born and raised on a stage or something? Wow! No wonder she won this competition! 3. Pocholo Bismonte - I Believe (age 11). Aw, Pocholo. Sooo cute! And what a voice! The lower notes are not always amazing, but the higher ones! Wow! He's so very talented! 4. D'Beat Boy - My Love Will See You Through (age 9). I loovee Joshua! Such a great voice in such a small body! I love this performance and he is so adorable! 5. Charice Pempengco - All By Myself (age 14). Okay, seriously: you cannot make a video of amazing singers from the Philippines and not include Charice. She has such an amazing voice, she just blows me away every time! 6. Renzo Almario - You Raise Me Up (age 10). I like this song a lot and I love it when Renzo sings it. He's such a cutie pie and this song is perfect for him. His teacher seems to think so too, doesn't she? ;) If he were my student and sang that to me, I'd cry too! Heck, I'd cry just if he sang it to me, he wouldn't even have to be a student or a relative or anything! 7. Banig - Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose (age 11). This girl is just sooo awesome! Seriously, WAS she born and raised on a stage? She completely OWNS it! The voice and the energy, she's just amazing! 8. Pocholo Bismonte - Go The Distance (age 11). First of all: I know it says "walk the distance" in the video, but it's supposed to be "go the distance". Sorry! Aahh!!! Such an amaaziing voice! Seriously, I love this kid! He may not be completely in control of the low notes, but he OWNS the high ones! This really was his best performance in my opinion. 9. D'Beat Boy - Kung Kailangan Mo Akó (age 9). I love this song! And I love this boy and his voice! He did a fantastic job with this! He is such a talented little boy! He sang this to his friend who's in a really tough situation and their friendship and his singing is so moving, it makes me cry too. Wonderful. And Joshua is sooo cute! 10. Charice Pempengco - I Will Always Love You (age 15). This was one of her two performances on the Ellen DeGeneres show and she rocked the whole building! Amazing, amazing, amazing! Enjoy the singers! P.S. My next video will be about: * Makisig Morales * Raquel * Jordan Beaver * Mark Mejia * Jamia Simone Nash Make sure you check it out! Also, if this is the first one of my "Amazing Child Singers" videos you watch, then make sure you watch and comment the earlier ones! Thanks! I DO NOT OWN THE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO! THIS IS PURELY FAN MADE AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!