The Return of the Wookie

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Uploaded on December 15, 2008 by AlexLouis282

Note: Part 2 of this animated saga of mine is posted as a video response.

Plot Summary:
After Chewbacca loses a fight to his rival, Spider-Man, the two decide to have a rematch. As the fight approches, Mr. Meanie, the villian of the show, makes a secret weapon to defeat Spidey and Chewy. They must now work together to fight this secret weapon.......
The saga continues in The Clone Strikes Back....

I started this film with my friend Seve, on Christams break when I was in 8th grade. Now I am on Christmas break from my sophmore year in college, lol, and the video is finally ready for you to see.
I think the animation is great, and though it was very time consuming, it was fun making it. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

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