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*******www.casimod**** Casi Mod Loan Modification Software Now Includes Home Affordable Modification (HAM)...
*******www.casimod**** Casi Mod Loan Modification Software Now Includes Home Affordable Modification (HAM) If you are confused regarding whether the home-owner qualifies for a Home Affordable Modification Program, consider getting CASI Mod Loan Modification Software. Casi Mod will quickly analyze whether the home-owner can qualify under the Home Affordable Modification program with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. If the home-owner qualifies, Casi Mod will provide you with the modification terms as prescribed under the Home Affordable Modification program. Focus on providing your home-owner with valuable answers. An­swers that are instant. If they cannot qualify under the Home Affordable Modification program, see other programs that may be available for the home-owner. Taking on the responsibility of modifying a home-owners mort­gage is stressful enough. Dont leave modifying to chance; leave it up to Casi Mod. Fannie Mae hardship affidavit 1021 and 1023 added. Freddie Mac hardship affidavit 1122 added. Discover if Fnma or Frmc mortgage from the application. Target Debt Ratio (Traditional Loan Modification) Design your modification terms by setting your target debt ratio and simply selecting the terms. From the Modification Worksheet, select Mod and then select the program available closest to the debt ratio you are targeting. Upon selection, all applicable terms are automatically set on the Modification Worksheet. Net Present Value Analyzer Print from the Net Present Value Analyzer Loan Modification Worksheet See what the Lenders are looking at to determine if a modification or a sale is in their best interest. Change variables to compensate for each individual Lender. You will receive either a pass or fail. Have the facts before contacting the lender to negotiate modification terms on behalf of your homeowner. Schedule follow up with Lenders Now you can schedule and track follow up with Lenders from the status panel Manager Dashboard Expanded for more functionality. Monitor agent tasks and follow on Lender calls www.casimod**** call to schedule a live demo 714-420-6148