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Uploaded on May 29, 2009 by Indican Pictures

Rolling breaks new ground by utilizing 35mm, 16mm and Tape to bring the experience of the Ecstasy lifestyle right into your living room. Deep into the night, raves are drawing crowds of thousands as people look to lose their mind in the music through Ecstasy which has now transcended a simple drug and become a lifestyle. Take a ride on this trip with a diverse group of rollers as you can experience the rollercoaster that occurs in their lifestyle as they fly from high to low in this bold and visceral experience into the rolling phenomena! Rolling is an engrossing, provocative, and poignant cinematic manifestation of the journey one has while on the drug and in the scene. The spirit and damage of the sixties is being repeated right under our noses...

Sanoe Lake, Erin Cummings, Partying, Rave, Ecstacy, X, Sexy, Cool (hip), Rolling (2007 Film), Movie Trailer, Entertainment, Music & Dance
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