Ramco OnDemand ERP : Logistics Management

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* Maintain vehicle records of various transport suppliers. * Capture of vehicle number, registration n...
* Maintain vehicle records of various transport suppliers. * Capture of vehicle number, registration number, default driver name and contact details. * Capture of route origin and destination details. * Capture of default distance and list of transhipment points. * Maintain contractual agreements with customers to execute logistic operations on their behalf for a service fee. * Support for Multiple Routes and Consignments against a single contract. * Contract valuation based on Rate/Quantity or Rate/Distance or a combination of both. * Provision to include any taxes, charges & discounts. * Provision to make cash/bank receipts against Customer Contracts. * Provision to print customer contract (Invoice copy). * Provision to enter into contractual agreements with transport suppliers to provide necessary number of vehicles needed for shipping the consignment. * Provision to include any taxes, charges & discounts * Provision to include multiple route based consignments in a single truck hire agreement. * Transaction to capture the actual shipment details * Provision to link the vehicle and driver information with the consignment information. * Shipment related details like packaging type, nature of goods, actual weight, value of goods, dimensions can be captured. * Provision to bear fuel charges in lieu of giving advance to the transport supplier. * Loading/Unloading and other similar charges, taxes etc can be included in the transaction. * Provision to capture the proof of delivery with details like the date/time and condition of goods. * Provision to make payments to transport as well as fuel suppliers against received consignment. * Provision to print Consignment Note as well as the Fuel Indent. * Facility is provided to create Supplier Advance Voucher against the Consignment Note. For more Information visit *******www.ramcoondemand****