Hellohello Net Pays for Social Networking Like No Other Site Hellohello is the Place to Go

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Uploaded on May 31, 2009 by mymusicticket

hellohello.net is a new social network that has most of the features you'll find on sites like My Space or face book. The difference is All members can earn money by collecting points for using the hellohello.net portal. Advertising your business has never been better. Premium members (19.99) get a Web Portal with 20 web pages where they can summarize; there are 3 membership levels ,free, premium and pro memberships. These web pages could for example be turned into a Music Portal, where you could promote your band or anything related to music or whatever you wanted. Premium members are placed into a Forced 3x10 matrix with a 100k monthly income residual potential. Pro members (59.95) get a Web Portal with 50 web pages where they can advertise and add information, just as Premium members above. Pro members can setup the Music Portal or use these pages for other topics or businesses including selling or leasing the space. Pro members are also placed into the 3x10 Forced matrix with the potential of Unlimited Income. Both Premium and Pro members may also participate in our affiliate advertising network, which in itself IS an Unlimited Income Opportunity... I could go on, there are MORE ways to make money. However I think that you can see by now the unique platform that hellohello.net has given us all to make a lot of money. This concept invites you to use your imagination in deciding what to do with those pages. Join Free at http://www.hellohello.net/signup.php?ref=hellohellobiz1 http://my.easyvideoproducer.com/hellohellobiz1/4224/

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