MetroFord Testimonial: Social Media Approach for Car Dealers

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Uploaded on June 04, 2009 by Potratz Automotive

MetroFord of Schenectady's David Dariano talks about his company's relationship with Potratz Partners Advertising and its unique marketing approaches to automotive sales.

Both Facebook and Twitter have also established new ways for customers to get know the dealership through social media. MetroFord’s Facebook page ( provides a great environment for past and future customers to get an idea of what's happening at the dealership and MetroFord's Twitter account ( allows updates to be sent out to thousands of potential customers instantly.

As times are changing, there seems to be a transition from traditional advertising strategies to a more modern method of marketing: social media. The rise of social media is inevitable and many car dealers are taking advantage. Online automotive marketing and advertising is becoming overwhelmingly popular.

Potratz Partners Advertising provides new ways for car dealers to promote their business through social media and state of the art websites. This new type of marketing makes it easy for car dealers to find their customer base and to maintain positive relationships with their customers.

To learn more about how Potratz Partners Advertising can benefit your dealership visit:

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