Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit POV Video


Uploaded on June 06, 2009 by UniversalOrlandoPR

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a high-speed rush of first-ever maneuvers, hit music and specially created take-home videos starring each rider. These experiences have never been brought together on a coaster before – and rely on extreme technologies being used in entirely new ways.

The ride vehicle is a high-performance hot rod that features a revolutionary new restraint system designed to put riders closer to the experience than ever. They pick their own music using industrial-grade touchpads that operate with the sophistication of an iPod. Songs from five genres of music will be pumped through individual sound systems that rely on all-weather speakers typically reserved for high-performance sports boats. And the network of cameras that will create the guest videos are used on high-speed trains and engineered to work in the toughest conditions.

For more information, visit http://www.ripriderockit.com.

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