How To Get Ripped Abs in 16 Weeks - Week 11 (Lower Body Movement) Wednesday Workout

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Happy Mother's Day

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10 INSTRUCTIONS: *Lower Body Movement

All exercises are done in tri-sets

Tri-sets example:

Perform 1a then move immediately to 1b and then move immediately to 1c then take a 45 second break after 1c.

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds before moving to the next "tri-set."

Note: Perform this workout once a week
For example: Friday Workout

Understanding Repetitions:
Example: (20-15-12 reps)

First set: 20 reps
Second set: 15 reps
Third set: 12 reps

Monday: Pushing Movement and Interval Training
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Lower Movement and Interval Training
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Pulling Movement and Interval Training
Weekend: Rest

1a: DB Squat (20-15-12 reps)
1b: DB Step Up (20-15-12 reps)
1c: Ball Squat (20-15-12 reps)

2a: Alternating Lunge (20-15-12 reps)
2b: Stationary Overhead Lunge (20-15-12 reps per side)
2c: One Leg Hamstring Curl (20-15-12 reps per side)

3a: Modified Band Crunch (30-25-20 reps)
3b: Side Plank (30-25-20 seconds)

Follow with interval training instructions after this workout routine.

--Week 11 Interval Training Instructions--

Perform interval training cardio immediately after this workout routine.

Sprint for 20 seconds (85% of your max)
Light jog for 30 seconds
Repeat for 6 rounds

Perform 3x per week during your workout days.

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