Khalibali Movie Song Zhalakay

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A rich hotelier hires a gangster to plant a bomb in a rival's hotel, thereby endangering it's wide variety of customers who range from a film unit hand to eloped lovers to underworld dons.

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Suresh, Menon, Chunkey, Pandey, Johny, Lever, Asrani, Paresh, Ganatra, Mishra, Shakti, Sanjay Kapoor, Delnaz, Paul, Rakesh, Bedi, Shruti Seth, Aasif, Shaikh, Tarina, Patel, Nikhil, Dwivedi, Rajpal, Yadav, Tiku, Talsania, Manoj, Joshi, Mukesh, Tiwari, Zakir, Hussain, Ketaki, Dave, Govind, Na, Entertainment
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