Pond Algae - Ultrasonic Algae Control

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*******www.UltrasonicAlgaeControl.info 877-224-4899 ULTRASONIC ALGAE CONTROL "GREEN" POND ALGAE C...
*******www.UltrasonicAlgaeControl.info 877-224-4899 ULTRASONIC ALGAE CONTROL "GREEN" POND ALGAE CONTROL Kills Filamentous Blue-Green The state-of-the-art, ultrasonic algae control device that gets rid of algae without harming other aquatic life. The unit floats just below the water's surface and kills algae by producing a precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that disrupts and destroys the cellular functioning and structure of the algae. The easy to use and is safe for all fish, plants, and other aquatic life, and it can even help lower pH and TSS. A safer and more cost-effective water treatment than chemical algaecides for pools, reservoirs, fish and farm ponds, lakes, lagoons, tanks, and many other water management applications. Algae Control device emits ultrasonic waves that "fan out" at approximately 120° from the front of the transducer at an angle of approximately 60° (See Figure 1). The SS 500 has a range of 300 ft. for a total area of coverage of 3 acres. Set up your device to provide the optimal exposure of the ultrasonic waves to the body of water you are treating. Place close to the edge as sonic waves extend only in front of the transducer unit. Large installations and certain shapes of ponds or lakes may require installation of more than one device. Multiple devices can be installed at opposite sides of a lake or pond or attached together pointing in different directions, depending on your site requirements