Spring Break Anthem (Original Song)

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This song is by RightSideOfTheTree I got forties duct-taped to my hands, that's the way we do Spring BREAK...
This song is by RightSideOfTheTree I got forties duct-taped to my hands, that's the way we do Spring BREAK I lost my wallet and my keys in the sand, its ok cause its Spring BREAK. Were hooking up with every girl we can, getting laid cause its Spring BREAK. Were gonna party like this week don't end, everyday, yeah its Spring BREAK VERSE 1: Callin up all my crew, heading to the package store 26 cases of brew, enough, but I still think we need more get the hell up out my class all my brodies driving fast watching all the ladies pass first to the beach, were never last Drunk beach fights- ya cant stop me Playing beer pong in the hotel lobby Getting shitfaced like its my hobby Am I gonna pass out- probably Getting crunk on the strip, get a tip, and look at my crazy white boy dance Damn one hell of a trip, Im crazy drunk and I think I pissed my pants (CHORUS) VERSE 2: Put my shades on, scope out the beach, So many ladies within my reach. Beer pong... Out in the sand, sinking cuops while im getting a tan. Just hit the strip, outdrink all of yall- Double-fisting beers while I'm playing beach volleyball. Cigar in cheek, beer in hand, Chilling at the bar passed out in the sand. Stumble down, down the beach, I just found a freak put her in my sheets. Late night, done with the club, Grab som chicks and hit the hottub! VERSE 3: JONES, im back again, I took a little break, but I'm back to win chicks at the pool im diving in Panama city is a place for sin Go crazy, go crazy, fall to the ground cause my visions hazy Sitting on the beach, I feel so lazy three girlfriends and I call them babie were bein loud as hell, were on top of cars, Spinning in my head and im seeing stars, Sitting on the beach as I jam gutair- And I think I just punched a security guard. (CHORUS) rst boys spring break theme song music video rap song hip hop panama city florida beach destin miami 2008 2007 2006