Deathcore Vol. 6 (HD;Widescreen Enabled)


Uploaded on June 22, 2009 by NoMooreMercy

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT intend to infringe any band/record label's copyright with this video, I see this video as a form of free promotion for both the band and the label.

So, here's a fairly simple slideshow depicting deathcore bands, this video is for newbies that have scraped the top of the ice with Suicide Silence, dug a little deeper with Through The Eyes of The Dead, stood through Oceano's head-pounding brutality, were mind-boggled by Burning The Masses technicality, stuck through the slamming gore-groove of Waking The Cadaver and are ready for more.

I DO NOT like all of these bands, so don't call me fucktarded names over stupid shit. Jesus. I'm not here to spew personal opinions, neither should you.

Bands/Songs Used:
Her Demise My Rise - Addicted To Pain
A Breath Before Surfacing - Cosmetic Abomination
Belay My Last - Cycles of Suffering
Bleed From Within - The Fall of Man
The Analyst - Summoning The Wretched
A Ghost - 151
Here Comes The Kraken - Miss Starving Skeleton
Underneath The Gun - Prepare The Bodies
The Boy Will Drown - Apollo's Lyre
October, Embrace Her - Jack The Ripper Has Got My Bac

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