Forced Psychosis - The Evil

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Thrash Metal From The Bay Area! Formerly Lethal Creed,
FORCED PSYCHOSIS Is: Steve Kelly-Guitar/Vocals, Rodney Creel-Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Gary Neff-Drums.


Solos: Rodney Creel/Steve Kelly
Life threatening Fury Existing within
Thoughts of a society Ridden with sin
War will surround us In its flood we will drown
The future of mankind Comes tumbling down
With the fall of society The people in fear
The Time Of The End Has Now Drawn Near!
Madness Erupting Your Sanity's Maimed
The Horror And Suffering Is All That Remains
Battle Exploding Catastrophe Reigns
In This World We've Created
Tell Me Who's To Blame?
Hatred Rising Cannot Be Contained
Feeds Off The Evil That Exists In Our Brains
Try To Control It Your Attempt Is In Vain
The Only Thoughts In Our Minds
Are The Thoughts That Give Pain
Releasing Anger In A Blinding Rage
A Wave Of Violence Brings The End Of Our Days
The Causes For Gain
Is What Brought Us This Shame
Evil Is Bred In Our Minds And Our Veins
Chaotic Choices Of Man Have Led Us To The End
Destroyer Of All Life Is The Evil Within
Invisible Is The Warning Unseen Are The Signs
As We're Cast Into The Darkness
'Til The End Of Time!

Vocals: Rodney Creel
LYRICS and MUSIC: Steve Kelly

To hear/see more Forced Psychosis go to and (do a search for Steve Kelly)

Well. . . There it is. . .

Note: I had to cobble together pics from shots of Lethal Creed, because Forced didn't play many gigs. Ross Glickman (seen playing bass in the pics) did not play bass on The Time of the End, Rodney played the bass (and guitar/vox) and our KICKASS DRUMMER, Gary Neff, unfortunately wasn't in any of the pics I had at this time. Sorry Gary.

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