Forced Psychosis - Prosecution

By: skok58

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Uploaded on June 23, 2009 by skok58

Thrash Metal From The Bay Area! Formerly Lethal Creed, FORCED PSYCHOSIS Is: Steve Kelly-Guitar/Vocals, Rodney Creel-Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Gary Neff-Drums.
An anti-terrorism song I wrote. . . in 1988!
From The 1990 Demo Tape, FORCED PSYCHOSIS - THE TIME OF THE END, This Is:

Music: Rodney Creel
Lyrics and Vocals: Steve Kelly

Hostages Frozen In Silent Terror Waiting
Bodies Plunging Scattered On The Pavement
Snipers Aiming Bullets Waiting Placement
Your Mission Has Failed You'd Better Start To Face It
You've Taken The Lives Of Many Innocent Victims
"You Must Meet Our Demands!" You Raved Like Politicians
On Your Hands And Your Knees You Begged For Extradition
Now That It's Up To Me We'll See Your Execution
Death's Not Enough For You - So Suffer
Your Punishment Is Overdue - Torment Further
Your Search For Death Will Be In Vain - Dread Life
I Want To See Your Splattered Brains!
On A Stake We'll Thrust - Your Body
Impale And Beat You To The Dust - Torn Bloody
There'll Be A Plague Upon The Land - Spread Wide
'Til Every One Of You Is Hanged
Your Actions Have Led Me To Only One Conclusion
We Must Rid The World Of Your Kind Of Pollution
An Example Must Be Made The Jury Has Insisted
Your Chances For Survival Are Almost Non-Existent
First There'll Be No Pain Your Vision Blurs And Fades
Then A Raging Fire Will Build Inside Your Veins
Strapped-Down To A Table Your Body Starts To Writhe
If You're Lucky Enough Maybe We'll Let You Die!!
Solo: Steve Kelly


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