Grendel - Zombienation V.2k5 (dance Video)

By: Tank9


Uploaded on June 25, 2009 by Tank9

Grendel - Zombienation V.2k5 (Special guest Andy) Thanks!

Additional Info:

#1 - Dear UKW Records, I hearby give credit to Zombie Nation for the song "Kernkraft 400," and Grendel for "Zombienation V.2k5." Please allow this video to stay up as I have consent from Grendel themselves, in writing, permission to use, "Zombienation V.2k5" in this video. All rights reserved to the artists, "UKW" and "Infacted" Records respectively. All future videos will not contain unauthorized copyrighted background music.

#2 - The girl's shirt reads, "I HATE MONDAYS"

#3 - Andy's shirt reads, "I PUT THE FUN IN FUNERAL"

#4 - I don't make these videos to get reactions from anybody or cause disturbance. I do it because I like dancing, having fun, and making a video to remember it by.

#5 - Zombie Nation song was chosen by Andy.

#6 - FIlmed using a Macbook isight camera.

Thanks for watching

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