08 Exotic Spices - Instrumentality by Daniel Sjolund


Uploaded on June 28, 2009 by Sjo Media Music

This track is from the album Instrumentality by Daniel Sjolund. Released on April 15, 2009 under the label Sjo Media Music. Original compositions exclusively produced by Daniel Sjolund. All rights reserved, ©2009. Please subscribe to this channel and visit http://www.sjomediamusic.com/ for additional content. If you enjoy this music, consider leaving a comment or even purchasing the entire album from the Sjo Media Music website or any major retailer. Thank you for your viewing support!

Timbaland, Leslie, Fatjoe, Black, Violin, Keiko, Matsui, Storch, Kingston, Swizz, Anno, Domini, Sjolund, Trans, Siberian, Orchestra, Classical, Instrumental, Yamaha, Motifxs, Steinberg, Cubase, Art & Animation
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