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Before her career as an actress, Keralite Gopika always maintained that she was never interested in acting. But when she won a beauty contest in Thrissoor, followed by a jewelery commercial and advertisement, a film offer virtually landed in her lap. Although this film did not do well, it got her noticed, and she soon signed up for a second film called "4 the People", which was a huge hit, and even had its prints dubbed in several different Indian languages. In 2004 noted Tamil movie director, Cheran, took note of Gopika in this movie, and signed her up for another Tamil movie "Autograph", which was also a huge success. Attractive and talented, she stole the limelight in "Autograph" from the leading lady (Sneha). She also looks gorgeous in "Kana Kandein", and her fans are anxiously awaiting her new release "Thottijaya", in which she stars opposite Simbu.

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