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Uploaded on July 02, 2009 by indieflix

Indelible is the story of an ex-con struggling to reconnect with both his daughter and a life he barely recognizes; offsetting themes of failed fatherhood and loss with the redemptive powers of love.In a tale of failed fatherhood, loss and ultimate redemption, ex-con Donnie Arnett returns home to a life he barely recognizes. Riddled with guilt over the death of his best friend, and discovering his estranged wife, Gayle, drug-addicted and involved in a volatile relationship with psychopathic Rickie, Donnie appears headed toward destruction. Then he meets a kindred spirit in headstrong tattoo artist Maggie. Maggie urges him to reconnect with his troubled 12-year-old daughter Grace, who barely remembers him. But as Donnie painfully starts to rebuild a relationship with Grace, Rickie grows ever more abusive toward Gayle. Fueled by huge quantities of methamphetamine and a destructive relationship with his own father, Rickies downward spiral hits bottom when he brutally murders Gayle. A witness to the murder, Grace seeks refuge with Donnie and Maggie, but Donnies misguided efforts to protect his daughter lead to a terrible night of violence and death.

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