Try It Yourself: Episode 1 - HACKING A Bike LOCK In 30 SECS!

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Uploaded on November 04, 2007 by love_son_1

Visit my website: is my FIRST episode of 'Try it Yourself' that I have made. Try it Yourself teaches you HACKS and TRICKS you can do using everyday household items OR something cheap from the shops.In this episode you will learn how to HACK a bike lock in under 30 seconds. You DON'T need any tools or knowledge about picking locks. It is easy, fun and something to show your friends.I am NOT responsible for anything that happens, DO NOT use this to steal any bikes! This is ONLY used for opening your OWN lock, if you have forgotten the code or just showing your friends.Thanks for watching, Please rate and comment. Also please SUBSCRIBE So you know when the next episode is out, and when any of my other video tutorials, or entertaining videos are out.

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