"Surprise You're Gay" Video by Def Karaoke Jam

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Uploaded on July 05, 2009 by DJ-Tanner

http://www.DKJmusic.com presents "Surprise... You're Gay!" by Def Karaoke Jam from the album Use Your Illusion 3. Please comment, subscribe and visit our official website, www.DKJmusic.com Verse 1 Theres nothing wrong with being queer But youve been telling us youre straight for 20+ years Me and the other guys, we all got to talkin we dont understand the flip flops you walk in You have sex with a chick, but talk with a lisp Your shirt is so tight, it makes you limp in the wrist So tell us is it really a woman you want to kiss? Putting on your Kiwi Strawberry chap stick Its not wrong, but it sure as hell isnt right When you are at a Sports bar sipping Diet Sprite Ordering a salad with the dressing on the side like this one big marching parade of pride To me thats GAY, spelled with a Capital G When youre downloading the new Kelly Clarkson CD Its so easy to see, you dont even need spectacles Why we, secretly, think you teabag testicles (Chorus) I think you might be gay if you are than thats ok Even your parents knows deep inside theres a closet where you hide Verse 2 Please excuse me if I am being a little blunt But even your girlfriend knows that shes a front And you cover it up worse than a Republican or Anderson Cooper on C. N. N. Im not trying to offend, rather truly be a friend Youre at the tanning salon almost every weekend and is just a little hard for us to comprehend Why you separately shampoo and condition Our suspicion is you want to ride the bone pony But first you want to taste Man Bologna Then go to Broadway, pick up a Tony Then maybe your balloon knot wouldnt be so lonely Not that anything would be wrong with that When youre clearly gay, but straight is how you act Wed still be your friend, even if you dont like vag Youd prefer a meat whistle for your rusty sheriffs badge (Chorus) I think you might be gay if you are than thats ok Even your parents knows deep inside theres a closet where you hide Its probably not a shock all your friends think you like cock We just thought that you should know so you can find a man to blow (Surprise) If you get your eyebrows waxed (Youre Gay) You want your fudge packed (Surprise) If you polos collars popped (Youre Gay) You want your cornhole rocked (Surprise) your new haircut suggests you crave wang (Youre Gay) any man with bangs wants to get banged (Surprise) My friend you are flaming out of control (Youre Gay) So please just Stop, Drop and Roll

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