Kitchen Medicines

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Uploaded on July 06, 2009 by QuietBearr

What would you do if there where no paramedics, or doctors around and you got injured? Anything from burns and cuts, to heartburn, warts and even the hiccups can and have been cured with medicines that you can find in your kitchen! None of these are meant to take the place of modern medical care, but if modern medical care is not available, and we cannot always depend on it to be there, then there are alternatives that you should know how to use!

Kitchen Medicines, Burn Care, Wound Care, Heartburn, Wart, Planters Wart, Hiccups, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Honey, Ginger, Apple Cider, Vanilla Extract, Bacon Fat, Banana Peel, Sugar, Oldest Battlefield Medicine, Lemon Juice, Olives, Nausea, Emergency Sterilization
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