Resorts 360 News -- Lawsuit Settlement Reached

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*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** //.--// .. You hear about all the scams in the travel business as well...
*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** //.--// .. You hear about all the scams in the travel business as well as the home based business market and you want to know if Resorts 360 (Resorts360) is a scam or the real deal. In this Resorts 360 breaking news report, you'll learn what can get a home basted travel business like Resorts 360 in trouble. The settlement details will show you what was wrong and exactly what needs to be changed. Is Resorts 360 your best solution? The home based travel business expert says if it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam and stinks like a scam you should beware. He says some {Resorts360 Vacation Club} marketers are telling some tall tails as they try to sell a vacation club membership with only about 4000 resorts against strong competition offering over 1400 more resorts at a lower cost. Heres where the Resorts 360 marketers separate themselves from reality. They tell prospective members they can quickly make lots of money making $20 commissions. They say new Resorts 360 members will join and go out and produce massive sales earning the new member lots of money. I wouldnt call Resorts 360 a scam, but the bill of goods people are being sold is that they will reap all this residual income. Heck, the Resorts 360 people even add it up for you. The cold hard reality is that over 95% of the people who sign up will quit as soon as they realize its a lot of work and they are not making any money. Over 1000 all inclusive resorts to choose from plus over 5400 resorts, discount hotels, package tours, cruises and much more are offered by one competitor. The scam label has been slapped on Resorts 360 by some, but whats the real deal? The home based travel business expert takes a closer look at the industry and how Resorts360 fits in with the competition. {Resorts360} has entered the marketplace and people are wondering if Resorts 360 Vacation Club is worth the money. Those in the home based business industry are scrutinizing their perpetual leverage compensation plan to see if they can make any money with Resorts360. The home based travel business expert knows the ins and outs of making money in the travel industry. He has now reviewed the Resorts360 Vacation Club program.