(Resorts360) -- Avoid Poverty With Resorts 360 Vacation Club?

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*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** .--// --// Most Resorts 360 members are signing up on the monthly progr...
*******www.MORVacationsAmerica**** .--// --// Most Resorts 360 members are signing up on the monthly program. That means if they don't see any income from Resorts360 fast, they can easily unplug next month. Brand new marketers often find programs life Resorts 360 to be a loosing proposition. It can cost more money to market it than they can actually make with all the people dropping out. I wouldnt call Resorts 360 a scam, but the bill of goods people are being sold is that they will reap all this residual income. Heck, the Resorts 360 people even add it up for you. The cold hard reality is that over 95% of the people who sign up will quit as soon as they realize its a lot of work and they are not making any money. The scam label has been slapped on Resorts 360 by some, but whats the real deal? The home based travel business expert takes a closer look at the industry and how Resorts360 fits in with the competition. {Resorts360} has entered the marketplace and people are wondering if Resorts 360 Vacation Club is worth the money. Those in the home based business industry are scrutinizing their perpetual leverage compensation plan to see if they can make any money with Resorts360. The home based travel business expert knows the ins and outs of making money in the travel industry. He has now reviewed the Resorts360 Vacation Club program. For those who dont do their homework and shop around, {Resorts 360} might seem OK. Those who take the time to check out the Resorts 360 Vacation Club competition will find more robust vacation club memberships that offer membership benefits {Resorts360} is unable to compete with. Members of {Resorts360} Resorts gain access to about 4000 resorts. Thats not bad, but some of their competitors in the home based travel business arena offer access to 4800 resorts, 5000 resorts, even over 5400 resorts. Over 1000 all inclusive resorts to choose from plus over 5400 resorts, discount hotels, package tours, cruises and much more are offered by one competitor. Resorts360 offers their members prices below retail. Thats a good start. Vacation weeks at some great resorts start at just $399. Not bad, but again, the Vacations 360 competition outperforms the new startup. One competitor provides vacation weeks at $298 while another one has availability every week of the year at $149. Both of those Resorts 360 competitors offer more choices and more resorts. Next, the home based travel business expert looked at the membership costs. Again, Resorts360 is at a disadvantage. While their competition offers consumers the ability to pay a single fee in exchange for a lifetime (100 year) membership, Resorts360 Vacation Club offers memberships for one year that can be renewed for an additional fee each year. Another option with the new company is to pay monthly. Both options with Resorts 360 are considerably more expensive than their competition. On the yearly program, 10 years with Resorts360 adds up to $2639 and the monthly option totals a staggering $5616. Superior lifetime memberships with their competitors would cost $2995 with one and $1998 with another. Even someone with a life expectancy of less that 5 years should consider the Resorts 360 competitors since both memberships are transferable and willable. OK, Resorts360 provides access to fewer resorts at higher prices and 10 years of the membership could cost almost three times what their competitors charge, so what about making money with the business? Maybe the higher consumer prices will equal more commissions for marketers of the Resorts 360 Vacation Club membership. The home based travel business expert says no. The new vacation club program pays maximum direct sales commissions of just $200 for the first year. Resorts360 claims that marketers could make additional commissions when their members renew for an additional year. Historically, the drop out rate for MLM programs like Resorts360 is over 95%. The overwhelming majority will not renew and $200 will be the total earnings. Major competitors pay $1000 commissions, and like Resorts 360, they offer passive income through perpetual leverage compensation plans.