Rev. Raymond Mooi - "MIRACLES?" Part 1/5

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Uploaded on July 19, 2009 by truetruth4ever

Raymond Mooi was the Asian Crusade Director with Morris Cerullo back in 1993 when he deceived the family of Pastor Yves Brault of Canada, and abandoned his daughter in Singapore. Check this out: .He now goes around preaching and peddling the Gospel in Third World Countries using fake "Miracles" as his lure. Method used is no different from those of marketplace medicine-men, promising cure when there was no cure. His repeated shouts of "No More Pain", or "this is the Power of God" are his taglines. None of these are proven. Stories told are simply demonstrated to the crowd as if God did a "Miracle" when he has preset their minds by auto suggestions. Sorry, there are no real acts of healing but just story telling, crowd manipulation and hard selling. See all the 45 minutes of the show and you will not be FOOLED again by false preachers coming to town. Who knows, your daughter may fall victim to such as him.

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