PS3 Fix/Repair for Freezing Games


Uploaded on July 24, 2009 by HydroTuner

The PS3 is no doubt an awesome game console. But, nothing is indestructable and sometimes have to give us grief. I no doubt have had my share of issues with game consoles (XBOX 360, Playstation, etc). Game freezes, lock ups, no video or audio, red ring of death, E problem, and just many others. I have found that most of the problems are a pretty simple fix. You dont have to be an electronics tech to fix them either. These fixes do work and I have helped many others get back in the game and have received great comments from them. So give this Fix a try, you may be glad you did.
Also, a little tip if you dont know already, ALWAYS keep your game console WELL VENTILATED..These things can get really HOT and cause you some problems. I use and recommend a little wire rack stand. It is rubber coated (white) and has 4 legs on it. You can find these at your favorite department store in the "kitchen" or probably "bathroom" dept. It works real well for me. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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