Ghost Town Cement Company

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Marlborough consists essentially of the ruins of one of the largest cement plants in the world, built in 1902; it covers more than 40 acres, and was an immense operation. It was considered a "model town", in view of the services and amenities made available to its workers. From 1903 to 1906, it was exactly that; in 1907, the company slid into bankruptcy, due to serious miscalculations concerning its sources of raw materials as well as its markets By the end of WWI, it was a ghost town, with most of its assets stripped and sold.Marlborough is located about 2 miles south of Baldwin Michigan (on M-37), and about 0.3 mi east of M37. Visitors should be extremely careful of the many tunnels, pits, and other depressions left over from the dynamiting of the property.

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