Sleep Apnea Testing - Home Sleep Study

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In most cases a patient can opt for an insurance-paid in-home sleep study. While not able to diagnose as many rare, sleep-related conditions as an in-lab study, a home study does usually provide a more accurate representation of a patients actual sleep patterns. The in-home sleep study is covered by most insurance plans and has a low deductible and allows the patient to sleep in their own bed. No technician is required to be in their home for set-up and studies can be scheduled within days not weeks of being ordered. The system provides patients easy step-by-step instructions and voice prompted commands and a single start/stop button functionality. The patient receives the full benefits of a sleep study in the convenience and safety of their own home. The home study unit is shipped directly to the patient and the PSG is conducted over three nights. When completed, the patient simply returns the unit in the provided postage paid package. The results are then interpreted by a board certified sleep physician who also recommends a treatment program which is made available to the patient by their doctor.

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