Kidney Function

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The Kidneys are a bean shaped, fist size organ whose task is to filter blood and remove the waste. The blo...
The Kidneys are a bean shaped, fist size organ whose task is to filter blood and remove the waste. The blood enters the kidneys via the Renal Artery and leaves via the Renal Vein. Inside each kidney, blood is channeled into a million tiny filters, called a glomerulus (the plural is glomeruli). Glomeruli are joined to small tubes (tubules) to make nephrons and each nephron is surrounded be a network of capillaries. At the end of each nephron is the Glomerulus, contained in a cup-shaped Bowman's Capsule. It is here that urine is formed. Kidney function is divided into three parts: Filtration, Re-absorption & Secretion. In the course of the day 150 litres (33gallons) of filtrate passes into the nephrons - As the fluid passes along these tubes, small molecules such as fats, sugars, salts, amino-acids pass from the capillary into the tubules. Protein molecules, too large and hence are passed out into the blood. After Filtration the fluids of filtrates, is taken back into the blood stream (reabsorbed) which 100 times the average daily amount of urine. During Secretion hydrogen & Potassium ions are removed from the blood and added to the filtrates to be excreted as urine. Where it finally goes into the ureter and down into the bladder. The Kidneys, balance the fluid and chemical levels in the body. Retain valuable substances, release Hormones, control Blood Pressure, make red blood cells, and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Ageing taxes the Urinary System. Learn to lessen the ageing by adapting a healthy life style. This is achieved through taking enough rest, drinking adequate fluids, avoiding smoking, drink less alcohol, eat a proper & balance diet and get regular exercise. To improve the function of the kidneys it is important to keep it healthy and clean. remove the build up of debrey from within. this will assist the kidneys and enhance the task. I personally recommend to drink 3 cups of Herbal Kidney Tea a day. Herbal Kidney tea is also know to assist those suffering from Prostrate problems and control Blood Pressure. Nelson Brunton. www.naturalhealing centre.blogspot****