Faces on the Moon - Braking News!


Uploaded on August 07, 2009 by pleiade

Aug. 5th 2009, Discovery of not just one Face on the Moon, but multiple faces all seemingly very similar to one another. Research is just begun, but we want to share this with you.

Who as placed them there? One face can be a coincidence, two is not.. more than two definately not. Especially because they are near indentical. They all vary in size.. and they are aligned exactly 22 miles apart like a boarder.

Is this a hoax?

If someone cut & paste the material onto the film strip on Google Moon, it could only be Google themself - or - NASA. But the question remains: For what purpose? To see how deeply we pay attention? Why do we have so few strips of imaging with high definition on the Moon? NASA has tons of HD they could give up and have Google Earth be mapped with.

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