Go Green Water Conservation with RainReserve

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Uploaded on August 13, 2009 by RainReserve

The Eco Friendly RainReserve Rain Diverter helps is an awesome water conservation product. The Eco Friendly Rain Diverter connects from your gutter downspout to unlimited rain barrels/water tanks, diverting rain water into your rain barrel(s). The Eco Friendly RainReserve kit prevents: algae, debris, bugs (including mosquitoes), and critters. Our water conservation method is great the your garden, washing pets, boats and cars. Gardeners love rain water because it does not contain harmful chemicals: fluoride and chlorine. Instead rain water contains nutritious chemicals: Nitrogen and CO2. The RainReserve Rain Diverter kits is the most eco friendly (green) and has the most features and capabilities.

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