Making the Most of Lawn Care Business Upsells? GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Marketing Show.

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*******www.gopherforum**** - How often are you performing a service on a customer’s property when you see a...
*******www.gopherforum**** - How often are you performing a service on a customer’s property when you see a problem that you feel you could fix? Do you mention this problem to the customer? If not, why not? Offering basic weekly mowing services is a great way to open the lines of communication with a customer that can lead to bigger profits if you know what to do. One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us some of his suggestions on how he makes big money with upsells to his current lawn care customers. He wrote “I have three crews that do the lawn mowing, pressure washing, clean up jobs and I worked with them this week just to see how things were going. I try to encourage them to look around, look for things we do and talk to the client. I realize it’s not in everyone’s blood to simply hit up a conversation and say I happened to notice you could use…..this is something we offer if you like. Staff even ask me is it ok to talk to the customer….I wonder why…my response is always by all means they are the ones that sign your pay cheque. I picked up 8 additional jobs from current jobs this week so far, I took various staff members to talk to the owner. A classic was yesterday, I checked in on a crew doing a mulching job and it looked excellent, I walked around the house and noticed it really needed a pressure washing, I asked staff if they noticed and they did, they said and they are right. It’s clear on our lawn care marketing post cards that we do this. I knocked on the door and had an employee with me. I said Linda I stopped by to see how things were going and to me it looks excellent, what do you think so far? Then I said you know you have a beautiful home and location, I couldn’t help but notice the mold on the side and back of your siding which we see very often, if you are interested we provide this service and can give you a quote. Her response was I didn’t realize you did this and was going to look a company up in the yellow pages, what would it cost, I replied $425.00 and explained the process, she said do it please. I see this on probably 60% of the places we visit, we have to be proactive and I believe based on my experience if we are, you will get additional work and some of this work is very high profit, besides that you already have the gear there and the longer on a site the more prople notice that are walking or driving by and as the property transforms, people stop and start asking questions, the neighbour feel slighted as his place no longer looks better and he wants it to……play into that…. Just a thought for the day…..Today I am digging two fish ponds. I picked these up while with a mowing crew and talking to the customer, one is a day care and one is a home with a lot of those small water falls you buy at the big box store….it will be a very easy $600.00 job(s), I had simply walked the property with the owner and said, a fish pond would be an interesting addition….”You do those”???” So as you walk around and service a customer’s property, think to yourself, what other services could they use? Then offer the customer those services and you just might see a big boast to your bottom line. If you are in need of free lawn care marketing material for your lawn care business, please visit our site at *******www.gophersoftware****. We have hundreds of free lawn care logo, flyer, door hanger and web templates you can download and use for your lawn care business. We also have free lawn care business contracts, estimate and proposal forms. Download our trial version of Gopher Lawn Care Business Software. Gopher will help your lawn care business schedule and invoice more customers in less time, allowing you more time to grow or enjoy your life. Check out my lawn care business blog at *******www.lawnchat**** and my lawn care business forum at *******www.gopherforum****