Olympic Reggae Hymn

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Uploaded on July 08, 2009 by olympic song

This is ..
Celebrate Humanity ! Version One
As part of ..

The Music Maratone stops in Jamaica 4 a while
2 Pick up The Reggae Vibrations and pass
them on 2 The World !

This is a Home-Made Demo Version, done solely
4 the purpose of demonstrating the song / version.


Verse 1

Would U take care of this world,
When Im gone for a while
Wouldd you tend to all da things,
So dear to my heart

Like da sun and da moon,
And da stars in the sky
Wouldde shine on my way,
When I return to this place

And O yes thiss da place where it all began
And O yes thiss da place where the fire was lit

And da flame thats been carried all along
What a diffrence this has made,
Across the universe

Yes, this is more than just a game
More than just fortune and fame
More than just Gold, Silva and Bronze
This is about the spirit of all humanity

Would you help me to keep and to sustain
Would you lend me hand to carry on
Would you help me to deliver this now

This message and da spirit of this endeavour
Would you keep all of da circles unbroken
Would you keep all of da rings so entwined
And keep da fire burnin and keep da fire burnin


Day after day, keep da fire burnin
Keep da flame glowin and celebrate humanity
Keep da fire burnin for now and for ever
Keep da spirit growin hour after hour
Keep da fire burning, celebrate humanity
When you walk, when you run,
Evry minute, evry second
Year after year, keep da fire burnin
Today and tomorrow, keep da fire burnin
Burnin, burnin, burnin, burnin
Burnin, burnin, burnin, burnin

Olympic Reggae Hymn

Verse 2

Oh, what a wonderful world this will be
If we deliver this message
To the generations to come
Yond evry mountain
And across da seven seas
When we pass on this flame
To da world thats unborn

Would you teach evry person
To protect, to uphold
This spirit of da game and da eternal flame
And will you care, will you share, will you dare
Will you reach out and touch
Evry race and evry creed

Dark clouds are gathering around us
Hard winds are blowin across
Its cold and its dark many a times
But theres a reason for all of us to believe

Theres a flame thatll light up the skies
And the universe and show us da way
Itll help us to bring them all together
Not just for a day or for an hour

Come rain, come sunshine or otha
Itll keep us all together for eva
And experience da universal bond
And experience da universal bond

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