Alien Captured And Video Taped Real Footage

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Published 16 Jan 2011
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Amazing footage!

For more Alien pictures, UFO videos and secret government documents:  

This video is fro...
Amazing footage!

For more Alien pictures, UFO videos and secret government documents:  

This video is from the alien encounter of Dr Reed (Dr Jonathan Reed or John Rutter) which took place in October of 1996. As Rutter (Dr Reed) explained, his alien encounter originated in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle near Snoqualmie Pass.

While still in the mountains, Rutter came across the creature by accident while he and his dog were hiking in the forest. For unknown reasons his dog apparently attacked the creature. The creature, in reaction to the dog attacking it, began to defend itself. Rutter, seeing his dog was losing the battle with the creature, picked up a large tree branch and struck the creature in the head. Thinking he had killed it - he eventually ended up bringing the creature home.

He later conducted and filmed an examination of it in his living room. After later reviewing the video, it was discovered that the creature had in fact been conscious while Rutter was filming - as you can see the creature blinking several times during the video.

This is a portion of that video - which is perhaps the most compelling and astounding of all of his evidence.

The slow motion and enlargement enhancements were produced by Jaime Maussan's group in Mexico City. Other than the slow-motion and video zooming, the content of the video was not modified in any way whatsoever.

Again this is just a small excerpt from the original full length video, and it is slightly grainy due to the fact that it has been enlarged to make more details visible. Also, the clothing on the creature was very dark and the reflections it cast on the gold thermal blanket made its outline a bit hard to pin down visually.

Some have asked what happened to the creature. Rutter says that he believed it escaped of its own accord. The freezer he had been keeping it in wasn't locked, so it could have easily left any time that it wanted to. So apparently that is what it did.

Some are calling this a hoax, but to date this has not been proven fake or real. Is it real? You decide...

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