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Uploaded on July 06, 2009 by Shum86

I would just like to say that this is real and it does work.
To be completely honest a few months ago I didn't have any trust in things like this either, but all it takes is a little chance and you will find out that it is real indeed.

Also when signing up to a site remember to use your real email, but when completing offers use this site to generate new email addresses so you don't get loads of spam!

A program that will help you fill in offers quickly is RoboForm.


My free rewards - Boots
My free rewards - Asda
My Free rewards - Wii
GiftOverStock ? Britain?s Got Talent vs. America?s Got Talent
GiftOverStockOnline ? Do You Watch the F Word (Gordon Ramsay)?
GiftOverStockOnline - Gordon Ramsay
UK Prize Draw - Win a Nintendo Wii Fit
UK Prize Draw - Win a MacBook Pro
UK Prize Draw - Win a Vespa Moped
UK Prize Draw - Win a ?150 voucher for HMV
UK Prize Draw - Win a pair of Ugg Boots

If you notice the trend, UK Prize Draw are the easiest, just enter your details, but remember to use the spam email address! Then do My Free rewards offers, both of these only require you to enter your details then click enter, leave the page open for a minute or two, but if you go back to rewards1 and refresh, you will have been given the credit.

For GiftOverStockOnline you have to complete the whole thing, don't rush through it too fast because these are worth 1 and 1.5 points. Plum Offers are another really good one.

The best thing to do if you live outside the USA, like me (UK), is to order a custom prize, which was a £6 Amazon Gift Certificate. Not bad for around an hours work, but obviously you can complete more offers and order this later for more money, personally I got to:
Points Redeemed 35.75, which is like £21.

Last thing you need to know is, whenever you complete an offer, clear your cookies and temporary internet files before starting another so you get credited.

I am a member of more sites like this, some pay through paypal, so leave a comment if you want a video of those as well.

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