Multi Drilling Tapping SPM-Multi Drill-Multi Drilling-Gang Drilling-Hydraulic Drilling

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Multi spindle drilling Tapping SPM made by kasthuri machine builders ( ) for home appliance acompany. our factory is located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
Multiple spindle drilling / tapping heads can be fixed in this drilling machines. the machine should a quill feed or like radial drilling machine in which the external spindle for longitudinal movement and internal for rotary action. Multiple spindle heads will increase the production as many spindle you add in head and also depends upon components. It can double or triple your drilling / tapping / reaming operations by simultaneously drilling countersinking, reaming or tapping two or more holes in one operation. Multi-spindle heads have proved to be the most versatile method to drill / tap / ream in n numbers of holes. Multi drill heads (Multiple Spindle Drill Head) can be mounted on any standard drilling machines with suitable adapters and drive dogs. Main housing is made up of Aluminum casting which is precisely machined. All rotating parts are hardened and ground. Change over of PCD of the spindle can be set easily and accurately by jigs. Spindle run on needle and thrust bearings. IN multi spindle drilling heads drill revolution is usually identical with machine rpmcontact us for more details http://www.kasthurimmc.com

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