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Points2Shop - Easily Earn Free Stuff!

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LINK TO P2S: TO MY P2S HELP SITE: So far i have earned from this website; A capture Card, Turtlebeach X1 ...
LINK TO P2S: TO MY P2S HELP SITE: So far i have earned from this website; A capture Card, Turtlebeach X1 Headphones, and CoD: WAW Have you ever wanted that new game, but poor economic times have you down? did you ever want something new to try in your free time that is beneficial and fun! if you answered yes to any of those questions, or you're situation is similar.. then you've come to just the right place! There is this great GPT website called points2shop, i know we've all heard and tryed out some other GPT websites and they didn't turn out quite the way we've wanted. trust me, i've been there, but P2S(points2shop) truely is a one of a kind On this website you earn points for doing offers and surveys, but there are many other ways to gain points too! for example, you can play fun easy games and win points, you get automatically entered into monthly contests and can win for being good at what you do, you can win from the weekly lottery(you can get tickets by posting comments on offers you've completed) and more! Now you're probably thinking, wait? How could this be real? what does this site get back for just giving you prizes? ..Well it's simple, first P2S finds advertisers and makes agreements with them and puts them on their website.. Everytime someone does an offer.. the advertiser pays P2S and you get back a portion of what you earned for P2S, it's a win win situation for everyone! Have any of you ever been to, its a great website.. and just so you know that this website is the real deal.. P2S and Amazon are partners.. and all the points on this website that are used towards your final redemptions are processed through, That means THOUSANDS of prizes you can earn, like Video Games, Computer Components, Cameras, Mp3's, books, dvd's, and much much more! Wait, what if i don't want to earn Amazon points, what if i just want the cash? well.. They have already thought about that and made a solution.. P2S has a sister site easily accessible through the homepage called cashle.. cashle has the exact same concept as P2S except you earn cash instead of points.. once you earn the desired amount of cash, you can withdraw it into paypal, get a giftcard sent to your house, or even a cheque! It's simple.. all you have to do is copy and paste one of the following links into your address bar and fill out some information like you're address and phone number, i know it you may be hesitant at first but the reason they need such information is to know the legitimate people are using a legitimate website... and ofcourse.. they need to know where to ship the prizes too :P P2S: Proofs: Now i know this may seem overwhelming, but this a definently something to don't want to miss on, so why don't you live a little.. Act now! i've been with this site for only 1 month and i've made 130 dollars! thats not bad for something you do in your free time. :)