Tie Rod Thread Rolling Machine Video

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Uploaded on August 28, 2009 by Maninder Singh

Visit our website for any inquiry : http://www.nationalcuttingtools.page.tl Size 15mm to 50mm Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine two roll type With Electrical with 1 set of thread roll fitted on the machine.

General Specification : Work Range
Out side diameter = 15-50 mm
Thread length in feed = 50 mm
Thread length through feed = Indefinite
Max. thread pitch = 0.8-3mm
Roll Dies
Max. Out side dia = 140
Max. In side dia = 40
Max. Width = 50
Motor for spindle =5 H.P. 380 volts Siemens
Motor 3 Phase For hydraulic system =3 H.P. 380 volts Siemens
Coolant Pump =0.1 H.P. 380 volts Siemens
Nett weight = 3200 Kg
Gross weight =3900 Kg

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