How to Solve a Rubik's Cube - Step 6 - Top Corners

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Link to Step 7: ***********/watch?v=Q195SqHiWoU This step we will arrange the top corners s...
Link to Step 7: ***********/watch?v=Q195SqHiWoU This step we will arrange the top corners so that they are in the correct positions. This is the second to last step of solving the cube. The algorithm we must know is. Ri F Ri B180 R Fi Ri B180 R180 Official/Standard Notation: Ri F Ri B2 R Fi Ri B2 R2 **NOTE** A 180 degree turn is the same no matter what direction you turn the cube (clockwise or counter-clockwise). **NOTE** There is about a 1/6 chance that this step will solve your cube entirely!! That occurs if all of your top edges are already positioned correctly. Consider yourself lucky :-) But move on to learn Step 7 anyway. Looking at the cube's top layer, we must find two adjacent CORNER pieces which have the same color. When you find a side which has those two same-color corner pieces, that side becomes the BACK (B) side of the cube for the algorithm. *NOTE* If ALL SIDES have corners which have the SAME color, YOU can SKIP this step and move on to Step 7 *** If you do NOT have any same color corner pieces, then any side can be the back side, AS LONG AS the yellow face is on top and white is on bottom. NOTE: If you have two adjacent corner pieces which are the same color and also an edge piece in between them which is also the same color, please do not get confused and think you are ready for step 7. Step 6 is to correct ALL corners so that they are basically in the correct position and matched correctly to its 3 centers, which are specified by its 3 colors it has. Do not try to do step 7 unless your cube looks like either of the two cubes in the beginning of step 7. Those are the only possibilities!! how to solve a rubik's rubiks rubix rubics cube 3x3 tutorial rubik's help step by speed speedsolve solving unscramble fix learn simple easy easiest quick lesson cross fridrich petrus 3x3x3 4x4 5x5 revenge professor method algorithm beginners solution walk through guide