Firestar779 & Kongo204's Unabridged AMV Montage

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Uploaded on August 31, 2009 by LuckyXIII Produ...

This AMV was made by Firestar779 and Kongo204.

We were going to put this on YouTube, but they deleted the sound because it contains songs by bands owned by WMG, who has a deal with YouTube where any of their songs are removed whenever they are used in videos, no matter how long the clip from the song is.

We call this video the Unabridged AMV. It’s called this because we didn’t make the characters appear to be singing, like most people do in their AMVs. We can make them sing when we want them to, but we didn’t want them to sing in this video. We just recorded the video and used just the unedited video clips. It wasn't really traditional, but we wanted to make something different than what's already out there, and make it good at the same time, and I think our plan worked. It's actually much harder to make an AMV montage when the characters aren't supposed to be singing, because if you don’t edit, cut out, and replay scenes, it severely limits the number of clips you can make (because of the length of the footage versus the length of the sound clip at stuff like that).

You have to admit, though, some of the timing is pretty spectacular, seeing as it was all by coincidence.

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