Islamic Hate Taught In American Schools


Uploaded on September 01, 2009 by dosdiphor

This video is to show the stupid liberal idiots that YES ISLAM IS HATEFUL AND IS BEING TAUGHT IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS!! As with ALL muslim hate mongers, they DENY their own agendas, and insist the translations are jumbled. Basically, muslims want people to believe anyone against islam is not tolerant of islam. Problem is, it is ISLAM that's not tolerant. I have the videos of teenage girls being stoned to death for wearing makeup, women's faces melted from acid because they didn't wear the hidjab or "slave scarf". I have countless videos of beheadings and torture of Christians. I have never seen Christians or Jews doing any of the above mentioned. So let's not fool ourselves, you useless liberal fags. Islam is the true hate, the true problem with the world and anyone who stands up for islam should just cease to existl. Europe is no longer free, America is next. Fuck islam, fuck mohammad, and fuck anyone who thinks otherwise, BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG, ISLAM IS EVIL!!!

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