Ideal Patio Pet Door

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The Ideal Patio pet door insert frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum, and is an economically priced...
The Ideal Patio pet door insert frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum, and is an economically priced option for renters, or customers not wanting to alter doors or walls . It can be easily installed and removed in minutes. This door has a single pane glass insert and comes with a single flexible vinyl flap that is very pet friendly. These flaps are replaceable and available to purchase individually when needed. The Ideal Patio pet door comes with a plastic slide down security panel to lock off pet access. This door provides insulation with a rubber bumper seal applied to the sliding door side of the pet door insert along with draftstopper weather stripping that seals between the pet door insert and the stationary frame of the sliding door. The rubber bumper seal, and draftstopper weather stripping are included with every pet door insert. It is important to consider the step over rise options when ordering a patio pet door. The step over rise is the distance from the base of the patio insert to the base of the pet opening. There are different rise options available depending on the pet opening size, which helps accommodate different sized breeds of pets. The top section of the Ideal Patio pet door features an adjustable extension that secures the insert in place when the thumbscrews are tightened. Simply loosen the thumbscrews to remove the patio pet door insert. The overall width of this extension is 13/16” and can straddle any top channel measuring 5/8” or less. The Ideal Patio door works with most vinyl, wood and metal framed patio doors. The bottom section of the Ideal Patio pet door has an overall width of 5/8”. The bottom “C” channel measuring 5/16” wide straddles the base rail of your patio door. If your patio doors bottom rail is larger than 5/16” this door may not work with your sliding door. The Ideal patio pet door comes with a locking pin mechanism that can be attached to the top or bottom of your sliding door frame for added security. You can also use an after market pin lock, security brace bar, or wooden dowel to immobilize the sliding door.