Ideal Ruff Weather Pet Door


Uploaded on September 03, 2009 by MoorePet Supplies

The Ruff Weather Pet Doors are one of our best selling pet doors and have been a customer favorite for many years. The Ruff Weather is made with the dual flap system which is intended to provide excellent insulation. The frame is constructed of a heavy duty thermoplastic and comes with a security panel that can be used either on the interior or exterior frame of the pet door. The Ruff Weather provides the diversity to be purchased as a door mount or a wall mount. The wall mounted version provides just as good insulation and fits walls ranging from 4 ¾”-7 ¼”. The Ruff Weather is a simple install. Although it is also more of an economically priced door, the Ruff Weather does exceed the expectations of customers for what they pay for it. Being a plastic framed door, it is much more liable to cracking and having to replace parts sooner than aluminum framed pet doors. Although insulation is good, there are much better options for better insulating and nearly indestructible door. For supreme insulation and excellent durability I would check out the Security Boss Maxseal Pet Door. The Maxseal also comes with the dual flap option with UV-treated flaps and is also constructed of heavy duty aluminum framing.

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